Postgraduate Programs 2017/18
Master of Science Program in International Management
Award Title

Master of Science in International Management

Program Short Name


Mode of Study


Normative Program Duration

1 year

The program commences with a foundation Summer Term, followed by Term 1 in Fall, Term 2 in Spring, and an internship afterwards.

Program Fee


The program fee covers tuition, textbooks and course materials for some of the required courses, and some enrichment activities.

Program Advisor

Academic Director:
Prof Joseph SALVACRUZ, Professor of Business Practice

The Master of Science (MSc) Program in International Management is offered by the School of Business and Management of HKUST in partnership with CEMS (the Global Alliance of Management Education, formerly known as the Community of European Management Schools and International Companies), which is the global alliance in management education consisting of leading business schools and multinational companies around the world.  The School of Business and Management joins the worldwide CEMS network to leverage on the CEMS global network resources of academic members, corporate partners, students and alumni, etc. 


The program aims to develop students’ management knowledge and skills related to managing global organizations, to enhance their cross-cultural and international exposure, and to prepare them to be potential candidates for leadership positions in international management in a cross-cultural work environment.


Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be awarded a Master of Science degree in International Management by HKUST, as well as a CEMS Master’s in International Management qualification by CEMS.

On successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  • Conduct business management exercises in a culturally diverse setting drawing on international learning experiences;

  • Apply advanced management and leadership principles, developed from systematic engagement with the corporate world;

  • Assess business situations with ethical implications and apply principles of responsible business decision-making and leadership in different contexts;

  • Solve problems and generate innovative solutions with confidence, speed, and soundness; and

  • Execute management tasks with comprehensive requirements for responsible and accountable leadership skills in a culturally diverse environment.

To qualify for admission, applicants must meet all of the following requirements.  Admission is selective and meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

1. General Admission Requirements of the University
  • Applicants seeking admission to a master's degree program should have obtained a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution, or an approved equivalent qualification.

2. English Language Admission Requirements

Applicants have to fulfill English Language requirements with one of the following proficiency attainments:

  • TOEFL-iBT: 80

  • TOEFL-pBT: 550

  • IELTS (Academic Module): Overall score: 6.0 and All sub-score: 5.5

Applicants don't need to present TOEFL or IELTS score if

  • their first language is English, or

  • they obtained the bachelor's degree (or equivalent) from an institution where the medium of instruction was English.

3. Program-Specific Admission Requirements

All of the following: 

  • A bachelor’s degree in business or a related area

  • A satisfactory GMAT or GRE score

  • Two languages including English

  • No more than two years of full-time post-qualification work experience

  1. Minimum Credit Requirement

34 credits


  1. Required Courses

13 credits

Some required courses will be offered in the Summer Term as foundation courses prior to Term 1 and Term 2 while the majority of the required courses will be conducted in Term 1 and Term 2.  These include specifically:

  • An intensive one-week Block Seminar on an innovative management topic in Term 1; 

  • A two-day Block Seminar on “Responsible Global Leadership” in Term 2;

  • One course in the field of Strategy in Term 1;

  • One course in the field of Global Management Practice in Term 2; and 

  • Some other pre-selected required courses in both terms.

MIMT 5010
MIMT 5020
MIMT 5110
MIMT 5120
MIMT 5200
MIMT 5210
MIMT 5310


  1. Elective Courses

14 credits

The elective courses are a selection of courses with an international management profile chosen from the portfolio of the School.  A list of elective courses offered in a particular year will be announced at the beginning of each intake. 

  1. Skill Seminars

2 credits

Skill seminars will be offered in both terms to train the students’ practical skills and prepare them for work. Some possible skill seminars include topics on time management, intercultural skills, group work abilities, international negotiation techniques, presentation skills, etc.

MIMT 6110
MIMT 6120


  1. Business Project

5 credits

The Business Project will be conducted in Term 2 and offer a platform for students to work on a real-life company problem.  Students will develop consultant-client relationship with the participating sponsoring organization to help identify problems, explore opportunities, create alternatives, and apply the latest knowledge or theories in management research to problem-solving.

MIMT 6200


  1. Language Course

For students entering the program with only two languages (English and another language), they are required to take one of the following introductory language courses of a third language in order to fulfill the language requirement of the program.  The introductory language course(s) offered in each term will be announced before the term starts.

LANG 5101
LANG 5330


The credits and grades earned from the above language courses will not be counted toward the degree requirements of the program.


  1. International Exchange

Students are required to go on exchange to a CEMS member school in either Term 1 or Term 2 and they can transfer credits of the same course load (equivalent number of credits at HKUST) at the exchange school back to HKUST, up to 50% of the total program credits.


  1. International Internship

Students are required to work on a consecutive period of at least 10 weeks in the same company as international internship after Term 2.  The location of international internship together with student’s home country, home school and exchange school must cover at least three countries.  Students are supposed to play an active role in securing the internship which must be approved by the School before commencement.  The internship must be a full-time activity at a professional level (first-job level of a graduate recruit) where students are given one or more challenging projects with a certain degree of autonomy.  Students’ performance in the internship will be assessed and evaluated by the company upon completion of the internship.

Students who have relevant internship or work experience (10 weeks or more full-time work experience on a first-job level) before joining the program may credit their experience and get exemption from the internship after Term 2.

MIMT 6300


Last update: 31 July 2018