For students admitted in 2021-22
BEng in Aerospace Engineering and BBA
Award Title
Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering and Bachelor of Business Administration
Award Title (Chinese)
Normative Program Duration
5 years
Curriculum Requirements

Students who are permitted to study under arrangements for a Dual Degree are required to complete all the requirements for both degrees:
University Common Core Requirements
University English Language Requirement
Major Requirements: BEng in Aerospace Engineering 
School Requirements: School of Business and Management

• Major Requirements (Any one of the following majors):
     BBA in Economics
     BBA in Finance
     BBA in General Business Management
     BBA in Management
     BBA in Marketing 

Students may benefit from pre-approved deviations from the curriculum which might include course waiver and substitution, allowing them to complete both degrees in 5 years. In addition, students are also required to take additional courses as specified by the Dual Degree Program. For details, students should seek advice from the Dual Degree Program Office under IPO.