For students admitted in 2021-22
BEng in Computer Engineering and BBA in General Business Management
Award Title
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering and Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business Management
Award Title (Chinese)
Normative Program Duration
5 years
Curriculum Requirements

Students who are permitted to study under arrangements for a Dual Degree are required to complete all the requirements for both degrees:
University Common Core Requirements
University English Language Requirement
Major Requirements: BEng in Computer Engineering
School Requirements: School of Business and Management
Major Requirements: BBA in General Business Management

Students may benefit from pre-approved deviations from the curriculum which might include course waiver and substitution, allowing them to complete both degrees in 5 years. In addition, students are also required to take additional courses as specified by the Dual Degree Program. For details, students should seek advice from the Dual Degree Program Office under IPO.